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Trap Transfer Restrainer Basket (new style) Stainless Steel   A236-354SSTrap Transfer Restrainer Basket (new style) Stainless Steel   A236-354SS 2

Crushcage Trap Transfer Restrainer Basket (new style) Stainless Steel A236-354SS MDC


Our improved stainless steel basket designed primarily to facilitate injection or other treatment to agitated or fractious cats and other small animals.

>>  Strong and durable stainless steel
>>  Easy clean flame sterilise
>>  New lockable end door panel

Also referred to as a 'Crush Cage' or 'Squeeze Box' by veterinary professional, this basket includes a restraining panel allowing the cat to be gently held still so that an intra-muscular injection (or other treatment) may be given. The first basket of its kind to be made of stainless steel (SS304) this model is particularly useful in the management of ringworm cases as the basket may be effectively sterilised. The basket consists of a standard carrying basket fitted with an movable internal partition with running bars attached which extend outside the basket to form handles. In practice, the partition is drawn forward until the animal is held gently but firmly against the basket wall. Held in this position, the handles can be pressed together using only one hand whilst the injection may be administered with the other. Now includes a lockable end door panel, this system allows the transfer of a cat from any of the MDC Cat Traps and super safe transportation. Spare locking rods available. Dimensions: length 46cm x width 29cm x height 29cm. Weight 3.11kg.

£62.89 excl VAT

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