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Plastic Cat Basket Trays 192-426Plastic Cat Basket Trays 192-426 2

Plastic Cat Basket Trays 192-426


Sturdy plastic trays which form liners for the base of the standard MDC cat carrying baskets (only) to prevent unwanted spillage in case of an accident. Please note, this tray does not fit any other MDC basket.

>> Removable
>> Wipes clean easily
>> Prevents spillage during transportation

After many requests from customers for a tray, we have produced this extra deep 50mm version. Specifically designed to keep spillages (urine etc) in the base tray during transit, these liners are ideal for animal care professionals involved in the transportation of cats (or other small animals) to and from the vets, TNR clinics or rescue centres. Preventing spillage (and other discharge) reduces the incidence of cross infection and contamination within the vehicle. To help keep the animal comfortable and dry during the journey, we recommend placing a Vet Bed (236-350E) on the tray. To clean, the tray can be easily be wiped down within the basket or removed and steeped in disinfectant if there is any concern that an infectious disease case has been transported. length 45cm x width 30cm

£4.16 excl VAT

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