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Smart Oxygen™ A236-360Smart Oxygen™ A236-360 2

Smart Oxygen™ A236-360


Now AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES ... a simple and effective way to provide oxygen or nebulising therapy, this is a cleverly designed PVC canopy which encloses an MDC basket and attaches to an oxygen source. Please note: Non veterinary professionals should only order this product via their veterinary surgeon who can provide training, source oxygen supply etc. 


>> Instant oxygen or nebulizing therapy
>> Full patient visibility
>> Available in two sizes


The Smart Oxygen is available in two sizes (standard and large) and is designed for the short-term administration of oxygen to patients in respiratory distress, pre and post anesthesia and may be used for nebulization. The clear plastic fabric allows full patient visibility to observe respiratory patterns during therapy. The welded PVC seams keep the interior airtight for initial oxygenation. Venting access via the zippered top (and handle opening) or outlet (scavenging port) allows the release of excess oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide. Venting can be altered depending on the patients’ condition and oxygen percentage requirements. Remembering that most respiratory patients do much better without restraint (stress plays a major roll in exacerbating symptoms) the animal may be monitored without the anxiety associated with a nasal cannula or masking. Ideal for emergency situations, a veterinary professional may provide oxygen therapy single-handed with this clever system that can always be ready and at hand. A ‘must have’ for every branch clinic, lone worker and emergency service provider. Smart Oxygen includes basket, base tray, bulkhead fitting and bag containing tubing, nebuliser and 5 venturi. Dimensions: Original approx. Length 48 cm x Width 30 cm x Height 30 cm. Weight 2kg and Large approx. Length 54 cm x Width 38 cm x Height 38 cm. Weight 2kg

£105.99 excl VAT

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