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Foldaway EeziSet Cat Trap 178-317Foldaway EeziSet Cat Trap 178-317 2

Foldaway EeziSet Cat Trap 178-317

One of our range of high quality cat traps designed specifically for TNR ensuring the safe capture and temporary containment of cats and kittens.

>>  Easy to foldaway, carry and transport
>>  High quality
>>  Transfer door panel

Overcoming the issue of bulk in transportation, this version of the Eeziset Cat Trap has a unique collapsible design. The functions remain the same as the original model, except that this trap can be collapsed rapidly by just four basic manoeuvres into a slim 50mm deep x 766mm long x 270mm wide, easy to carry and pack unit. The inclusion of an aluminium floor makes this trap lighter at just 5kg, but the same stout zinc plated steel mesh side panels ensure a long life. Both the original and foldaway Eeziset designs feature a sliding polyglass end door to position the bait and to transfer a trapped animal in to the MDC Trap Transfer Restrainer (236-354). The Cat Traps and Restrainer from MDC are matched to be sure that the cat cannot escape, is not stressed and to provide safety for the operator. Replacement polyglass door available. Dimensions: Length x 76cm x Width 27cm x Height 27cm. Weight: 5 kg
£99.99 excl VAT

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