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Wire Cat Baskets, Cat Traps, Animal Care Equipment, Animal Handling Gloves and Elizabethan Collars


Order from your wholesaler or direct from MDC
UK veterinary wholesalers:
International distributors:
Although we are happy to supply our products directly to you, some may prefer to benefit from the discounts offered by the wholesalers or online distributors (who purchases from us in bulk), and can pass this markdown on to you as a registered account holder.

MDC work with the UK’s three veterinary suppliers plus a number of other independent distributors. Their aim is to source and provide you with the widest range of quality veterinary and animal welfare products at the best possible price.

They maintain nationwide deliveries and using carefully monitored logistics, can deliver our products (plus numerous others) on a daily basis making your lives easier and freeing up time for you to continue your valuable animal welfare work.

If you’ve found an item not currently listed with your wholesaler – you can ask them to list it as a ‘special’ item, or contact us and we’ll happily send it to you direct from our own warehouse.
If you don’t reside in the UK, we have distributors in over 30 countries that can access our entire product range. A list of international distributors can be found here.
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