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SS Ketch-All™ Pole A112-308-5SS Ketch-All™ Pole A112-308-5 2SS Ketch-All™ Pole A112-308-5 3

SS Ketch-All™ Pole A112-308-5

A slip noose cable attached to a sturdy pole for animal handling professionals to safely retract, restrain and control animals by gently tightening the noose over the animal's neck.

>> Aluminium or stainless steel poles
>>  Available in two sizes
>> Swivel head

Designed by the US Ketch-All Company and used by animal control professionals and animal handlers throughout the world, the aluminium pole has been proven over decades of rugged field use. Features include swivel head, automatic locking mechanism, non-slip rubber grips and a vinyl coated noose. This is a key piece of equipment for any animal handler designed specifically for controlling the animal’s head (not for lifting). The longer the pole - the larger the noose opening. The Ketch- All is made from aircraft aluminium or for extra tough situations. MDC make this product with a super strong stainless steel shaft. Resulting in a slightly heavier weight, the MDC version has superb balance; feel and is well worth the small additional cost. Replacement cables are available.
£133.56 excl VAT

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