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Cat Carrying Basket Stainless Steel A236-350SS

Cat Carrying Basket Stainless Steel A236-350SS

The first cat basket of its kind to be made of stainless steel, these high quality baskets ensure the safe temporary containment of cats and other small animals.

>>  Lightweight
>>  Easy to clean and sterilise
>>  Top opening

The stainless steel cat basket is strong, durable and can be flame sterilised. This is particularly useful in preventing the spread of ringworm. The perfect basket for securely containing and transporting cats and other small animals such as toy breeds, puppies, kittens, ferrets and exotics, the 2.5cm square stainless steel mesh has great durability. A top opening panel with a rod and eye fastener has two handles for balanced, comfortable carrying. Ideal as part of your disease control regime, suspect ringworm cases can be transported in this basket and easily flame sterilised or autoclaved. A vacuum-formed plastic tray is provided allowing the option of a protective base ideal to prevent any 'accidents' overflowing during transit. For greater protection, a two-inch deep tray is available as an additional accessory. Replacement rods available. Dimensions: Length 46cm x width 29cm x height 29cm. Weight 2 kg.
£36.05 excl VAT

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