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Rabbit SoftE Smart Collar A148-020Rabbit SoftE Smart Collar A148-020 2Rabbit SoftE Smart Collar A148-020 3

Rabbit SoftE Smart Collar A148-020


An Elizabethan collar designed for rabbits in soft but durable fabric. Unlike other collars, the SoftE absorbs noise making it very well tolerated.

>> Effective barrier to self-trauma
>> Washable
>> Well tolerated

Despite being the third most popular pet in Britain, rabbits are one of the most neglected. As intelligent, trainable creatures, they deserve the same comforts as cats and dogs, which is why the SoftE Collar comes in a small size suitable for rabbits. The fabric Elizabethan collar provides an effective barrier to nibbling at sutures or self-trauma of wounds. Allowing free movement of the head, neck, ears and body, the rabbit can eat, drink and sleep in comfort aiding a quick recovery. Unlike a traditional Elizabethan collar, the SoftE is flexible, lightweight, folds flat for easy storage and springs back into shape when needed. "We fitted the collar for a few days on a newly spayed rabbit. It didn’t appear to get in the way when she was feeding and looked less cumbersome than the traditional plastic buster collars." Sandra & Steve Ayers, RSPCA Rabbit Rehoming, Reading Branch
Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best product to meet your needs, however we cannot guarantee 100% wound or site protection in the wide variety of situations, patients or behaviours encountered. It is up to the individual in charge of the patient to monitor the situation and make sure the collar is working effectively.
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