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Pet Pill Giver A211-420Pet Pill Giver A211-420 2

Pet Pill Giver A211-420


A packet of 10 pill givers designed to help with the administration of pills, tablets and capsules to cats, dogs and other small animals.

>> An easy way to give oral medications
>> Can be used in conjunction with the Baskerville muzzle
>> Robust and reusable

The Pet Pill Giver has been designed to aid the giving of oral medications. The tablet or capsule is placed into the soft silicon nib. Applying gentle pressure with the thumb and forefinger on either side of the patients face at the space between its teeth will encourage the animal to open its mouth. Carefully insert the Pet Pill Giver into the patients’ mouth and depress the plunger at the other end. This action deposits the medication to the back of the patients’ throat and stimulates swallowing. The tough polyethylene casing means this product is robust, washable and reusable. The length of the pill giver allows the operator to keep their fingers at a safe distance and it can be used in conjunction with the Baskerville muzzle. Available in a pack of 10, the Pet Pill Giver is ideal for consulting room demonstrations to ensure owners are able to effectively medicate their cat, dog or other small animal. Length: 19 cm.

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