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Bitemaster Ultra Gloves 112-358Bitemaster Ultra Gloves 112-358 2

Bitemaster Ultra Gloves 112-358

Designed for the protection of hand and lower arm this gauntlet includes a padded layer extending over the back of the hand for further protection.

>> Bite shield over hand
>> Maximum dexterity
>> Trauma plate gauntlet for crushing protection

An ideal combination providing dexterity, penetration resistance and crushing protection. These gloves include a Spectra lined hand area for maximum penetration protection whilst maintaining the dexterity of a driving glove. The gauntlet is extremely well padded and features hidden trauma plates to spread the strongest bite forces over a wide area. A padded shield extending over the back of the hand protects the fingers from crushing and bites but does not interfere with dexterity or gripping. Ideal for working with dogs, cats, wildlife and exotics. MDC gloves must be used intelligently, cautiously and with the assumption that injuries caused by animals may occur. Be sure you understand the limitations of your gloves before purchase. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best equipment to assist you to carry out your work safely however we cannot guarantee 100% protection in the wide variety of situations you may encounter.
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