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Animal ID Bands A271-601Animal ID Bands A271-601 2Animal ID Bands A271-601 3Animal ID Bands A271-601 4

Animal ID Bands A271-601


A comfortable, temporary, soft band collar designed for writing patient identity or clinical details during an animal's hospital, boarding or rescue centre stay.

>> Won’t stretch or tear
>> Self-adhesive fastening
>> Perfect for use on litters or hospital admittances

An essential item for establishments that provide care for animals, these ID collars (in a pack of 500) are a simple and effective way to ensure that each animal is clearly identifiable. Perfect for use on neonates to ensure accurate monitoring of weight, temperatures, treatments etc. Useful for monitoring patients in multi animal households or as part of the management of animal hoarding incidents. An excellent safeguard in case of patient escape, the Animal ID Band acts as a temporary tag (without the fuss) and should be fitted immediately onto animals during the admittance process. At 50 cms long, one size fits all; just cut to the appropriate size allowing a finger space between the band and the animal’s neck. Contact details, name and other information can be written on either side of the band using pen or pencil. Writing remains permanent. You can also stick on your own printed practice label. Do not flush ID bands down drains; they will block!

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